There are 100’s of different vinyls available for a vast range of outcomes. The reason for the large number of vinyls is not only a matter of cost but more so about the materials attributes such as:

• Is it intended for Internal or External use?
• Is it to be Printed on, and which ink types are to be used – Solvent, Gel, UV, Screen?
• Is it to be Removable after a short period, or a longer time?
• What is the Expected Life of the film on vertical and horizontal surfaces – 3 months to 7 years plus?

So, when it comes to the supply of vinyls for vehicle OEM applications which are very demanding, we seek assistance from 3M Technical people.

Over time particular vinyls are no longer available and newer vinyl varieties are created. We’re pleased that 3M can consider the performance characteristics necessary and advise on the most appropriate vinyls for the job.

As demanding as the performance characteristics are, Calgraphics is also required to manufacture to a very high standard to meet the automotive industries Production Part Approval Process (abbreviated to PPAP).