Calgraphics is proud to have been involved with Bombardier since the first of the Vlocity trains was built. In November 2001 National Express signed a contract with Bombardier Transportation for 29 two-carriage diesel multiple units. This was later extended to 38 railcars.

On the 22nd of December 2005 the Vlocity railcars commenced service on the Ballarat line and by February 2006 their service was extended to the Geelong and Bendigo lines, followed later by Traralgon, Seymour, Ararat, Echuca and Maryborough.

The fleet of railcars has been increasing in size ever since the first cars were commissioned. Further orders were placed by the Victorian State Government with Bombardier in April 2016 for an additional 27 cars or carriages which will increase the total rolling stock to 75 trains.

The initial design with a green and mauve cab livery was changed in 2010 to a red and mauve livery and again updated to reflect the purple and mauve network graphics which we now see as different colour ways on buses, trams and other rail modes such as Metro Trains.

The initial livery was screen printed as digital technologies at the time did not provide for colour or warranty requirements. Over laminates, which are a clear UV protective film that protect the livery, have developed significantly since the first of the Vlocity trains were commissioned and together with advances in technology now allows us to digitally print the livery and provide best in class warranties.

For safety reasons the livery includes Class 1A reflective striping and sonically cut panels for the fender. A flexible reflective material is used to cover the top of the cab and this is a Class 1 material. The network graphic is digitally printed in panels and applied on site at Bombardier. Regulatory and general customer signage is applied to the train both internally and externally. All in all there are 788 individual components manufactured by Calgraphics for a Vlocity train.

Calgraphics works very closely with 3M and other suppliers to review and test the latest materials to ensure we produce the best outcomes for Bombardier.