Yes we do large format printing but that is just the start. We have been working hard on providing the extensive branding and management solutions to our corporate clients.


Online Shopping

A convenient and fast way to order products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The eStores are customised to suit each Clients’ particular needs. This not only includes customised menus for each client but support of checkout features to assist with billing and reconciliation to a clients’ cost centres.

Many of the eStores include downloadable guides or standards to be used for installation of their branding.

For even quicker checkout we can bundle products allowing a single click to cart.



Installation and Application

We have a national network of experienced and qualified installers.

Whether it’s a small job or a large project we can organise it and make it happen.

We know at times different accreditations or skills apply, but we have the crew who can undertake the task be it;

  • Transport industry – Rail certification, and others
  • Petrochemical industry – WPCG
  • Working at Heights
  • Ground scanning
  • etc.

Project Management

Calgraphics has the skills and the people to manage complex projects.

During 2021/ 2022, Calgraphics delivered the changeover of Caltex to Ampol’s soft signage across 1,900 plus sites nationwide.

Inhouse software was developed to support:

  • Site surveys in order to photograph and gather branding requirements
  • Bespoke project management system for a full range of project functions
  • System interfaces to support seamless transfer of data, to quotes, orders, production and despatch.

The rail industry requires its own unique Project Management systems which again have been developed inhouse to support a very diverse range of needs.

If you would like to know more please contact us.


Inventory Management

Apart from pre printed stock Calgraphics holds in the warehouse for same day service, we also warehouse a range of client specific products such as safety equipment, stationary and general hardware supplies.

Calgraphics works with Clients to determine minimum, maximum and replenishment triggers to ensure we have just the right amount of stock available.


Printing Services

Printing is where it all started for Calgraphics and as always we take pride in the quality of our output.

We have a range of large format printing presses that allows Calgraphics to get the best results.

Each year Calgraphics is audited by 3M to ensure we maintain compliance and meet the exacting requirements to maintain our “Select Graphics Provider” Platinum status.


Laminating, Routing and Cutting

Almost all print produced needs to be laminated, routed or cut.

Laminating helps to protect the print from harsh chemicals and exposure to UV light but can also change the look of the image from high gloss, to satin or matt. There’s now a range of textured laminates which help to can create unique outcomes – think carbon fibre pattern or sparkles.

Calgraphics can route a range of different composite panels be it timber, metal, PVC etc.

Trade services are also available.