Calgraphics was pleased to be invited to 7-Eleven’s supplier award presentation and was delighted to accept “Outstanding Service” award for works completed in 2014 and 2015. In 2017 we received back to back nominations for a 7-Eleven project.

In 2010 7-Eleven entered into a binding agreement with Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd to acquire its retail fuels business. Following the acquisition, the sites were rebranded with 7-Eleven signage and Calgraphics was contracted to rebrand their fuel pumps and fuel labels. We had 3 months to complete the works.

The task was challenging as the number and type of pumps across the network was uncertain. Most consumers would not be aware but there are more than 60 variations of fuel pumps and so one print size does not fit all models, and it’s also not practical to print for each different model.

To achieve the clients colour standards we used screen printing. It also gave us speed and economies of scale and very punchy colours.

Teams of installers were organised in each state and data was collected from them as they finished each site. The data was collated and costs were calculated based on parts used at each site. To manage the enormous volume of data a database program was specifically written for the project.